Anyone notice what I just did there? Anyway, I create various designs for the beachy art lovers as well as the statement pieces with pen and ink for the fine art lovers. I also create custom hand lettered projects for your special day! See what crafty art looks like below.

Beachy Art

I've had a love affair with the beach for as long as I could remember. I've decided to share my love for the beach using paints and pens as a vehicle getting beach art to fellow beach lovers.

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Inky Art

This style of art is not for the faint of heart.  For each piece was created from a personal experience and has a story of its' own. Most of the work revolves around our family's experience with Alzheimer's.

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Fancy Art

Customized hand lettered  items (signs, invitations, thank you cards, place cards, party favors) for your wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, or bridal shower.

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The Forgotten Journey

Cornerstone Architecture
First Fridays @ Richmond, VA

I was honored with being invited back to have a show in the RVA's First Friday Art Show. This show was a bitter sweet show as it was a show I had dedicated to Alzheimer's Awareness. I had lost my father to Alzheimer's less than 3 months prior. The show consisted of many pieces that were created as a direct reflection of the emotions that myself and my family had endured. The good the bad and the ugly. I may or may not have ugly cried that day :).

Art Show - The Forgotten Journey